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RedHawk Smart Services utilizes smart technology, offering innovation and efficiency for pest control operators, and enhancing the customer experience.
We provide an alternative to traditional pest control. Our cutting-edge technology and equipment offer the most efficient, time and cost-saving solution to traditional methods

Value Proposition

Discover our worldwide proven solutions

24/7 Remote Monitoring

RedHawk Smart Services saves time and money, as technicians spend less time checking empty rodent stations, thanks to smart sensors and in-built camera for remote device monitoring.


Technicians spend quality time on inspecting and treating critical areas.

Improved Customer Retention

Our real-time and historical pest control activity information is communicated clearly to customers, demonstrating service value and positively impacting Customer Retention.

Lowered Operator Liability

RedHawk’s efficient trap design automatically alerts the operator when a trap is triggered, eliminating the chance of dead or dying rodents in areas of exposure to employees at a business, or kids and pets at your home.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Our company is leading a greener, environmentally-conscious form of pest control, via our advanced technology remote monitoring system.

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RedHawk Smart Services

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