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Self-learning IoT technology for automatic ordering

Usage-Based Commerce

Kwik’s commerce intelligence IoT solutions detect and analyze

appliance usage to automatically reorder essentials

What is kwik

kwik’s seamless IoT reordering solution allows automatic ordering based on actual usage, which brings a new level of convenience and ease of use to consumers. kwik is changing the paradigm from user-based ordering, where the user initiates all orders, to usage-based replenishment.

Use cases

kwik value proposition

With kwik, consumers can be assured that they will never run out of their favorite products. Brands and retailers benefit from lower supply chain and delivery costs and increased customer loyalty, gaining valuable real-time statistical data on user habits and engagement.



the Supply 

Chain Cost

Boosts Orders

Increases Loyalty and Customer Retention

Collects Real-Time Data

Kwik value
what is kwik?


Automatic Reordering

kwik allows automatic ordering based on actual usage, using sensors and advanced machine learning algorithms to detect usage and calculate inventory levels for consumables.

on-demand IoT buttons

Optimized Supply Chain

The automatic reordering solution senses usage levels and times the replenishment to optimize supply chain delivery time and logistics, controlling costs while assuring a great customer experience.

Automatic Reordering

A Complete System

kwik offers brands and retailers a complete IoT solution that includes the device, mobile app, cloud interface and data analytics in an end-to-end ecommerce system that gives brands new insights into customer behavior and purchasing patterns.

on-demand IoT buttons

Achieve Personalization

kwik’s APP/SDK feature make the registration and purchase/cancellation experience personalized and frictionless for your consumers by using either white label apps tailored to your brand and specs, or your own designed app to connect to kwik via our advanced SDK feature.


Cloud-Enabled Payment Capabilities

Depending on your existing payment and delivery capabilities, use kwik’s Cloud Services and choose the option that suits you best: 

  1. Link your internal payment and delivery systems

  2. Interface directly to third party service providers

Cloud Services

Real-Time Insights

Kwik’s advanced Dashboard enables you to monitor KPI’s including total clicks, orders and conversion rates and to analyze the data by product/category and more.


3rd Part Integrations

Connected Retail Ecosystem

Use our API’s to connect to your existing IT backbone and e-commerce platforms, CRM applications, sales and marketing tools etc.

Actionable Engagement

Create personalized experiences for your consumers  by utilizing the power of kwik’s real–time data analytics capabilities to really identify your consumers’ needs and wants.

real–time data analytics

Making headlines

Norwest Venture Partners Supports $3 Million Seed Round in kwik

June 21, 2016

06/22/2016 – Takes “one-tap” smart button and delivery service to the next level by giving brands a direct relationship with their consumers.

kwik, a service that allows customers to re-order their favorite products at the push of a button, announced today that it has closed a $3 million round of seed funding by Norwest Venture Partners, along with other institutional and individual investors.

kwik® Wins IoT Breakthrough Award as Emerging Company of the Year for the Consumer Market

Happy to share that kwik was selected by IoT Breakthrough for the “IoT Emerging Company of the Year for the Consumer Market” award. We are honored to receive this award as a recognition of our commitment to bringing innovative IoT solutions for the consumer market. The award showcases the proven value of the kwik solution in helping brands and retailers lower supply chain costs and increase customer loyalty.

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In the news
The team

The leadership team

Ofer Klein

CEO and Co-Founder

Ofer is a former IAF Pilot, and prior to founding kwik served as the Director of Advanced Programs at Elbit Systems, a $3Bn defense electronics company.

Shlomi Atias

CTO and Co-Founder

Shlomi has 14+ years of experience in advanced wireless, wifi and embedded solutions, having led development programs at several hi-tech companies.

Ready to see kwik in action?

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